2020 College Trunk Party

What is the Trunk Party?

The College Trunk Party is an annual donation drive facilitated by Urgent 365 that sends 15 deserving high school graduates to college with the essentials they need for on-campus living. Many of our youth have experienced unthinkable hardships and we are determined to make sure they show up to college with more than a backpack and duffle bag of clothes. Students are in need of bed sheets, laptops, notebooks, towels, bath supplies and more. This Trunk Party serves as our effort to help more students have a healthy start to their college experience and to do that we need the village, THAT'S YOU!

How does it Work?

  1. Applications are sent out in April.

  2. Students (who have been accepted to college and will be living on-campus in the fall) apply by Mid-May.

  3. The Urgent 365 Team select 15 students based on identified need. 

  4. Students are informed of their application status by May 30.

  5. Selected students mark-up a checklist to identify 20 needed items and provide their dorm room color.

  6. Donors and the Urgent 365 team raise funds and purchase all 20 items for each student.

  7. Urgent 365 holds a Trunk Party event for the students and guardians where the items are given, students are celebrated, and two college panels are held for students and parents to prepare for college life. 

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