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Urgent 365 creates and facilitates spaces for individuals and organizations to educate and empower themselves and the communities of color they serve through education, engagement, collaboration and the distribution of resources.


Annual COllege Trunk Party

Programming Pillar: Education 


The Research: Only 40% of first time, full time Black students and 54% of Hispanic students graduate undergrad within 6 years at 4-year institutions.

(National Center for Education Statistics)


Our Approach: Increase the graduate rate of students of color from Philadelphia via our annual Trunk Party drive, an informational college event that supports high school graduates attending college in the fall by providing them with on-campus living essentials, interactive college panels and $250 in Book Award money.

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Passion to Profit

Programming Pillar: Empowerment


The Research: Black millennial households earn about 60% of what their white counterparts make, and it highlights just how bad the generational wealth gap is along racial lines.

(Business Insider)

Our Approach: Empower participants through a series of guided sessions on financial independence, personal development, and business acumen. Throughout the program, participants receive the tools, resources, and strategy needed to successfully identify their life’s mission and launch a business doing something they love.


Life After High School

Programming Pillars: Empowerment, Community and Healing

The Research: Among youth ages 18 and 19, a higher percentage of Black youth (16 percent) were neither enrolled in school nor working than youth who were Hispanic (12 percent), of Two or more races (10 percent), White (9 percent), and Asian (4 percent). 

Our Approach: Work with recent high school graduates who are not enrolled in college to identify and build toward a personal and professional goal using tools identified in our sessions. We equip participants through a series of workshops geared towards deepening their understanding of self, setting goals for their future, and learning from professionals of color, life coaches, and mental health experts.


2023 Internship PRogram

Urgent 365 will build up the skills and experience of underserved individuals who are 18 years of age or older within Philadelphia through our Nonprofit Leadership Internship Program for young professionals. The program is for applicants who are interested in nonprofit management, programming or marketing. The program will run for 20 weeks including a one month orientation and an option for an extended term. 


College Chats

Programming Pillars: Community, Education & Empowerment

Research: Only 40% of first time, full time Black students and 54% of Hispanic students graduate undergrad within 6 years at 4-year institutions.

(National Center for Education Statistics)


Our Approach: Maintain college enrollment of students of color by providing a forum for participants to gain practical tools and mental health support while in school. Through a series of workshops, participants connect with other students of color, share resources, learn from mental health experts, and build financial wellness strategies.


Our community events have equipped over 300 individuals with personal and relational tools to navigate themselves, their environments, and others. Additionally, since inception our Trunk Party initiative has given over $10,000 worth of resources and essentials to college-bound high school graduates.



Phone: 717-850-3177

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