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2020 College Trunk Party:

Book Award Edition


What is the Trunk Party:

Book Award Edition?

The College Trunk Party: Book Award Edition is a quarantine friendly rendition of the annual donation drive facilitated by Urgent 365 that sends deserving high school graduates to college with the essentials they need for on-campus living. Due to recent constraints of COVID-19 and the restrictions around large gatherings, we are opting to gift our applicants this year with up to $250 each in book awards and school supplies along with a virtual college panel on best practices and resources for their first year in college. This Trunk Party serves as our effort to help more students have an equitable start to their college experience and to do that we need the village, THAT'S YOU!

How does it Work?

  1. Applications open June 22nd.

  2. Students (who have been accepted to college and will be living on-campus in the fall) will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  3. The Urgent 365 Team selects 10 students based on timing of application submission and identified need. 

  4. Students are informed of their application status by July 19th and will be required to return verification forms for full acceptance.

  5. Donors and the Urgent 365 team raise funds up to $250 per student for book awards and supplies.

  6. Urgent 365 holds an online college panel event for the students and guardians where the book awards are given, students are celebrated, and college panels are held for students and parents to prepare for college life. 

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